Insider Tips Which Every Customer Must Remember While Visiting Furniture Stores

Each and every business has some secrets which customers don’t know about. One of these businesses is the furniture industry. Not many think that a furniture store in Auckland, Christchurch or other areas could harbor secrets. But there are many such secrets which customers could benefit from knowing:

Delivery time delay

Once you have made a purchase, there’s a little guarantee of the furniture arriving within the time frame which the store is claiming. The case is even worse for customized furniture and it could even be months before you see your ordered furniture. But you can rest assure that if deliveries are being delayed a lot, then there’s probably been some problems with the furniture. These problems can range from the furniture being damaged, the manufacturer not shipping the correct order or they could be facing some financial problems. But here’s a tip to prevent you from being trapped in this cycle- always confirm if you can cancel the order in case there’s a delay.

No responsibility for damage

There are a lot of consumer complaints which are filed against furniture stores. Most of them involve damaged or broken furniture. It is always advised that customers inspect the furniture minutely before they accept it into their home. If you find it to be damaged, then don’t accept it or sign it. Just tell the company to take the furniture. While stores do inspect furniture before they get loaded on trucks for delivery, but it’s entirely possible that they might miss out on some things. If you accept damaged furniture, then you will be having a harder time constructing a refund case.

Never pay the sticker price

Getting a great price at any furniture store doesn’t always mean that you have to go shopping during sales. Most furniture retailers actually mark up their prices by a lot so as to maximize profits. During promotional events, they just mark the price back to give the illusion of a sale. But they are still making a profit. This is why consumers should try to negotiate beyond the discounted price. Don’t expect it to be lowered immediately but keep at it. Also, pay with cash to have more haggling room.

Be prepared to spend more

Negotiating is just the beginning. After you buy the furniture, you will have to incur more in expenses. This includes assembly fees and home delivery. The prices may vary if a consumer purchases many pieces like a whole bedroom.

Go to the back for the best deals

You must have noticed that most of the big furniture companies make use of a maze layout in the showrooms. This is because they want you to see some specific pieces of furniture. But to get what you want, you will have to walk through inventory, accessories and more to find it. This strategy is just meant to boost sales by tapping into your impulse buying needs. So if you are on a strict budget, just find your things and get out.

Furniture stores have their own fair share of secrets. So when you go in, make sure you are armed with secret knowledge, so that you can make better furniture choices.